WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5
WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5
WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5
WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5
WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5
WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5
WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5

WunderBrew | Coffee Filter TM6, TM5

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Description & Features:

Coffee making made easy: with the Thermomix and WunderBrew! Until now, coffee brewing in the food processor was unfortunately not possible. A shortcoming that we could not accept! That's why our Wundermix developers have been busy tinkering, testing and designing over the past weeks and months. With a sensational result: WunderBrew - the Wundermix coffee brew insert for Thermomix.

  • Aromatic filter coffee brewing in the Thermomix
  • No burning of the coffee powder (less bitter substances) due to defined temperature.
  • For small and large quantities of coffee (0.5-1.5L)
  • Coffee can be kept warm if required
  • Ideal for single households, caravans and small kitchens.


    • Compatible with: TM6, TM5
    • Material: 100% BPA free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Manufacturer: Wundermix
    • Made in Germany 

    How does coffee brewing work in the Thermomix?

    With the special brewing method of the WunderBrew from Wundermix, a whirlpool of water is created in the Thermomix by rotating the blender blade. This vortex pushes the water up the sides through three openings into the base part of the coffee brewing insert. It then drips through three metal sieves onto the coffee powder below. At the same time, a vacuum is created in the mixing bowl. This creates a suction effect, which in turn draws the water through the coffee powder. This process is repeated continuously to extract the coffee powder optimally.

    How to brew 1L of coffee in the Thermomix with WunderBrew


    1. Pour 1 liter of water into the mixing bowl and heat for 10 min / 98 degrees / level 0.5. Stop the Thermomix earlier if necessary, as soon as 98 degrees are reached. 
    2. Unscrew the container for the coffee powder from the base part of the WunderBrew above.
    3. Add 60-70 g (5 heaped tablespoons) of ground coffee to the coffee container.
    4. Screw the coffee container filled with coffee powder back onto the base part and tighten (safety pin should at least jump over the elevation on the coffee container).

    Brewing process:

    1. Insert WunderBrew into the mixing bowl so that the chimney points upwards towards the mixing bowl lid.
    2. Set 10 min. / 98 C degrees / level 5 and start brewing process.
    3.  After the time has elapsed, leave the WunderBrew in the mixing bowl for approx. 1-2 minutes so that the brewing insert cools down slightly. This makes it easier to remove the WunderBrew, as the material expands a little due to the high temperatures during brewing.

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