Simsafix® | Universal container for Thermomix
Simsafix® | Universal container for Thermomix
Simsafix® | Universal container for Thermomix
Simsafix® | Universal container for Thermomix
Simsafix® | Universal container for Thermomix

Simsafix® | Universal container for Thermomix

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Description & Features:

For steam juicing, fermenting yogurt, melting chocolate or making steamed cakes, XXL lava cakes, soaps and candles. 

Your Thermomix is ​​not just a first-class food processor with numerous functions. The all-rounder can also be used as a steam juicer when processing the annual fruit harvest! Skin, cores, seeds and stalks do not even have to be removed, as is often the case with centrifugal juicers.
But while you used to put bowls in the simmering basket to catch the juice, steam juicing with Simsafix is ​​very easy and convenient. The ripe fruits or vegetables and herbs are placed in the steamer attachment and steamed at the Varoma level. Let your creativity run free when combining different types of fruit - true to the motto: Anything that tastes good is allowed!

The fruit cells are caused to burst by the heat that rises during steam cooking, releasing their delicious juice. The juice flows back into the mixing bowl, collects in the Simsafix and can be easily removed with the Thermomix spatula after the cooking process is complete.

Simsafix is ​​the perfect supplement for preparing fruit and herbal juices, jellies, jams, liqueurs and much more. Steam juicing with Simsafix is ​​fun, easy, effective and absolutely fail-safe.

  • 1 liter capacity is sufficient for juice from 2 kg of fruit without having to empty it in between
  • Safe removal from the mixing bowl with the Thermomix spatula.
  • Juice is heated and pasteurized in the Simsafix during the entire cooking process
  • Clean thing! The juice remains in the Thermomix until it is removed - no external hoses with the risk of overflow
  • Practical spout lip for drip-free decanting
  • Heat-resistant up to 120°C/ 250 °F

TIP: Increase capacity in the Varoma with the MaxiSteam.


  • Compatible with: TM6, TM5, TM31 and TM Friend
  • Material: Dishwasher safe and BPA free
  • Manufacturer: Wundermix
  • Made in Germany

Use & Care:

  1. Fill mixing bowl with 1000g water, insert Simsafix and close with the lid without the measuring cup.
  2. Place the Varoma on top and fill with up to 2 kg of washed fruit or vegetables and close with the Varoma lid. (Large fruits should be coarsely chopped in the mixing bowl for 5 seconds/speed 5 before juicing. It is not necessary to remove the stalks and seeds.)
  3. Depending on the type of fruit and quantity, juice for up to 50 minutes / Varoma / speed 1. Rule of thumb: Soft fruits are usually fully juiced after 30-40 minutes, while harder fruits can take up to 50 minutes.
  4. Scoop out the juice with the Thermomix spatula and pour over the pouring lip. After cooling down, either enjoy it straight away or process it afterwards.

Other Use and applications:

  • Fermenting yogurt - without stacking jars in the Varoma
  • Melt chocolate and keep the mixing bowl clean
  • Use as a cake baking pan
  • Make soap
  • Make candles

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